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Jason interviewed Melody Wright, a housing analyst and strategist, about the housing market. Melody shared her experience in the mortgage industry and her transition into real estate technology. They discussed her pessimistic outlook on the housing market due to issues like inventory shortage, short-term rental properties, and ‘shadow leverage’. Melody emphasized that she wasn’t predicting a crash but was highlighting the challenges. Melody and Jason also discussed the delay in recording Covid data in Los Angeles County and the importance of triangulating data from multiple sources. They also touched upon the impact of a frozen housing market and the role of short-term rentals in the market. They also discussed the oversaturation of the short-term rental market due to Airbnb’s growth strategy, and the trend of institutional investors pulling back. They concluded the conversation with a discussion on the current state and future prospects of the housing market, including the shift towards rental properties.

She also discusses the oversaturation of the real estate market, particularly in the build-for-rent and multi-family sectors. She points out that the boom in building luxury properties and the overpricing of homes have resulted in an oversupply. Many builders have ignored the need for affordable housing, and there might be a need for government intervention to subsidize write-downs on overpriced properties. Wright also highlights the impact of demographic shifts, with fewer babies being born and boomers retiring, and their effects on housing trends.




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