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Jason and Paul Moore delve into the current state of commercial real estate, focusing on multifamily, office, RV and mobile home markets. They discuss the rise of rescue capital, which assists struggling deals, particularly in multifamily, where many properties are overpriced. They explore how office markets may never fully recover due to remote work trends and pandemic-induced lifestyle changes. They also touch on the impact of struggling office portfolios on banks, revealing a potential contagion effect. Overall, they suggest a nuanced understanding of the commercial real estate landscape is crucial amidst ongoing market shifts.

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Key Takeaways:

0:56 The state of "commercial real estate"

4:42 Self storage

6:35 Multifamily

9:30 Rescue capital and pref equity

13:54 Office space and RV parks

21:02 RV parks and AirBnB

27:40 Mobile home parks






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