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Jason Welcomes Kerry Lutz of  They briefly talk about Jason's 4 year legal battle to clear his name, big tech censorships, the changing landscape of CBDCs and crypto. They continue talking about the current state of the economy and the financial crisis of 2008, the recent banking debacle and how one can take advantage of situations like these to make a healthy profit. 


Key Takeaways:

0:29 A digital lynching like no other

4:20 Alphabet has been engaged in censorship

6:38 Turning the tide on this totalitarian web and treating social media companies as common carriers 

10:58 The Great Reset, digital slaves and CBDCs

13:21 The problem with Crypto

15:43 The unreal real economy, recession and inflation

23:59 Timing versus cycle investing in the stock market

30:27 Making money during banking/financial crises






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