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Listen in as Jason explains the debacle that is the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, the ripple effects it’s having in the banking community, the poison pill the FED has placed in the housing market and how it has painted itself in a corner. He also talks about what the government can do, how you can use his patented Inflation Induced Debt Destruction strategy to come out on top in these uncertain times and how you can protect your assets. Just go to for more details.

Key Takeaways:

1:18 Silicon Valley Bank and Bank Run: Margin Call

2:47 Catch the Ron Paul FlashBack Friday episode and thanks to all who attended the Alabama Property Tour

3:11 Fear of Contagion and a taxpayer funded bailout; the tech dot com bubble

7:09 Children in adult bodies and a history of manias

8:28 The SVB crisis explained

10:37 Runaway inflation or banking system collapse, memes

12:45 Signature bank and Silvergate; SVB holdings compared to other banks

20:32 Alf from Twitter

21:25 US bank loan-to-deposit ratios

22:55 While SVB collapsed, top executive pushed “woke” programs

27:16 Memes and more memes; CNBC’s Jim Cramer urged viewers to buy shares of SVB last month

30:41 Bank failures 2001 to 2023

32:17 SVB financial deposits, quarterly net change

33:35  SVB’s insured versus uninsured deposits

34:08 Biggest bank failures and the FDIC

35:01 FREE class: CYA protect your assets, save taxes and estate planning

36:38 The decision to bail out SVB

38:13 What can we do; the 2 year treasury yield and Inflation Induced Debt Destruction



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