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Chad Hewitt appropriately and humorously likens his scaffolding business to a short-term rental property. This Rich Dad, Poor Dad inspired investor shares his real estate story with the Hartman Network.

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Owns a scaffolding business is quite similar to owning a short term rental company. 

[2:10] Triple net leases simply mean that all expenses pass through to the tenant. 

[3:30] Originally inspired by Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  

[7:00] Triple net vs. individual residential real estate. 

[11:20] Anyone with a decent paying job can get past the 16k barrier to entry. 

[14:00] Income property is the most tax-favored asset in America because you can depreciate it. 

[20:30] With a 1031-exchange, you don't need to do the recapture when you sell a home. 

[25:00] Because of the Green New Deal, the cost to develop your average apartment complex is going to go up. 


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